Donation of Personal Protective Equipment for Garbage Collecting Officers

It is a privilege when we have the opportunity to #dirumahaja to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But there are people who still need to work outside the home to make ends meet and "serve us." Garbage officers are one of the many people who cannot #dirumahaja.

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Without them, there can be accumulation of rubbish, both in settlements and on the streets, which of course will worsen the situation.

During this time of the pandemic, the need for disposable masks and wipes has soared. People are racing to buy them to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Finally, disposable mask, tissue, and other infectious waste also increased dramatically.

Garbage officers also inevitably have to deal with these infectious rubbish, even though many garbage workers do not have personal protective equipment (PPE) so they are very vulnerable to being exposed to Covid-19.

Through this campaign, YPBB invites you and all of us to prevent the corona virus from entering the bodies of garbage workers, namely by sorting waste, especially infectious waste, and inviting you to Share Donate Info. The donation will be used to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for RW waste collectors and also vitamins to increase immunity.

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